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Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite reels. For me, it’s one of the best instant cartridges you can find. We are talking about Fujifilm's Fujifilm FP-100c film. 

For starters, it must be made clear that this cartridge is for some types of cameras that have the chassis compatible with this film. At the end of this post, you will find a list of cameras that use this cartridge.

Like everything else, the Fujifilm Fp-100c film has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, its photography is very clear, the images have a quality that is way higher than those of other brands, and the peel apart process is quite curious. On the other hand, it is difficult to get in stores and its chemicals are very polluting, if you like this film I recommend that you buy it as soon as possible since Fujifilm has stopped making it and it’s getting harder and harder to find!.


The Fuji Fp 100c cartridge possesses very fine grain (ISO 100) and gives your picture a lot of sharpness.

This film is manufactured to be used in temperatures between 10ºc and 30ºc. It is said that the best results are obtained at 25ºc.

- Film size: 85 x 108 mm

- Size of the photograph (without the white frame): 73 x 95 mm.

- Number of photos per reel: 10.

To obtain good results, Fuji recommends following the development time according to this table:


As a point of interest you should know that this movie can make Polaroids Transfer. This technique consists of using the negative of the photo (the paper that we separate from the photo in the development) by gluing it on a sheet or folio (if possible of porous paper to make the printing easier). With this, by separating this negative again, we managed to have another image with the chemicals that had remained in the negative. If during the time of development we leave more time the negative on the positive (without taking off) then we will not have on the negative the chemicals that are needed to get this transfer technique. However, if we remove the negative before time, we will not get positive and we will have all the chemicals in the negative, being able to use it in its entirety to experiment with this technique. Well, watch this video to know how it works: 

If your intention is to get only a photo in your positive as it happens in most cases, just follow the instructions to wait for the seconds needed to reveal, separate them and you will have your picture with those perfect colors.

Cameras compatible with the film FP-100C:...

- Polaroid Land Automatic: From model 100 to 400.

- Folding cameras such as: EE100, EE100 Special, ProPack and The Reporter.

- Non-collapsible: Big Swinger 3000, Big Shot, Colorpack 100 and 200, Colorpack II, Colorpack III, Colorpack IV, Colorpack V, Colorpack, M6, Super Colorpack, Memory Maker, Minute Maker, Super Shooter, EE55, EE58, EE60, EE66, Instan 30, Super Color Swinger III.

- Others: Polaroid 600 SE, Mini Portrait.

Information about the Post:

The header image has been designed by Freepik and you can download it for free here. This article has been written in Spanish by our friends of Analog is Different, you can visit their online store for more information here. The text has been edited and translated by the Bronkey team.

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