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Partnership with Carmencita Lab - the next 300 camera strap will have a coupon code inside the box for a Free develop and Scan!

Hi Folks! 

A big part of the Bronkey family we love to shoot on film but we are also vintage camera lovers, so, if you feel like the same we have exciting news for you! 

Mr. Albert, the CEO at Carmencita Lab contacted us for a collaboration and we are extremely happy to announce that, starting today, the next 300 camera strap will have a coupon code inside the box for a Free develop and Scan! 

If you don't know yet who are Carmencita Lab you have to:

"Carmencita Film Lab is a lab made by photographers for photographers. We created the place we would love to send our negatives to, not only for the quality but also for the human relationship and involvement during the process.

We have all the ingredients in place and now all we need is for you to create amazing pictures. We want to be your local lab even if we are some kilometers away from your home."

With this offer, you can develop and scan for free one roll, yes for free at any resolution you like! From M to XL. You can find all the info about resolutions at /prices

Are you ready? Just order any strap from our shop

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