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Berlin #701 - Black dual leather camera strap

The harness sling strap system is made with a double strap to hold two cameras at the same time. This double camera strap is made thinking in all the details but putting special attention on the security of your camera gear and the comfort during the long days of shootings. We ensure that all the material we use is made from the best quality and that all the pieces are super strong. 

The Harness camera strap is made using only premium leather, the best quality leather on the market. The carabiners are made of a Stainless steel 304 navigation system, the safest and top-quality connectors ever made. The connector swivels smoothly and locks perfectly to ensure the safety of your camera. We also made another extra strap "the safety catch" that will also connect to your camera, so you will have triple protection. 

This harness can be used with all the cameras on the market because it is attached using the tripod connector ( 1/4" ).


  • SMALL: Maximum height of 170 cm and below, but please if you're broad or do you like to have the camera holding down to your hip then size up.
  • LARGE: Height between 170 - 200 cm but please if you are slender or do you like to have the camera holding up to your hip then size down. 


    • Premium leather camera harness fully finished with a double rivet, super strong & safe. Fix the cameras to your camera harness using the tripod connectors. 
    • Included Inside the wooden box:
      2 x premium tripod connectors.
      1 x protective eco cotton bag.
      1 x handmade strong carton box.

      SKU: BER-701-S