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About us


Handmade Bronkey Premium goods ® it was founded in 2016 in Barcelona. Bronkey is a purveyor of leather camera straps and leather camera bags. Our warehouse is located in an old artist's workshop in the lively neighborhood of Gracia, near Barcelona's core.

Design and Inspiration

Our passion is photography and travel. Wanderlust is our driving force. Each of our collections is inspired in a capital city from around the globe, and explores the most particular, beautiful and significant insights of every culture, capturing the character that makes them unique. 


We are extremely proud of the growing community of photographers and visual artists that choose Bronkey to protect their gear and dress their cameras. Conceived and designed by and for photographers, our products understand and cater to the needs of professionals. We ensure that every Bronkey product on the market is a unique and quality product.  


Our products are made with love, 100% handcrafted with traditional hand tools. Each leather goods is cut, stamped, dyed, oiled and waxed by hand. 
We only use superior materials, working with the finest suppliers and vendors from around the globe. Bronkey products work carefully with high-quality leather providing the highest degree of quality you can imagine.
We pay attention to every detail in order to create a beautiful product designed to protect your gear, for the maximum comfort and durability. We want to offer you the perfect balance between elegance and utility.