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Berlin #602 - Brown sling leather camera strap

Single sling crossbody strap. This double camera strap is made thinking in all the details but putting special attention on the security of your camera gear and the comfortability during the long days of shootings. We ensure that all the material we use have the best quality and all the pieces are super strong. 

The single sling crossbody strap is made using only premium leather, the best quality leather on the market ( vegetable grain leather ). The carabiners are made of high strength steel coated with nickel coupler. The connector swivels smoothly and locks perfectly to ensure the safety of your camera. We also made another strap "safety catch" that will also connect to your camera gear, so you will have triple protection for your camera gear. 

The sling strap can be used with all the cameras on the market because is attached using the tripod connector ( 1/4" ) but if you are not sure about the compatibility with your camera, please write us first, we are very happy to assist you!

  • SMALL: Maximum height of 170 cm and below, but please if you're broad then size up.
  • LARGE: Height between 170 - 190 cm but please if you are slender then size down and if you're broad then size up. 


  • Top-quality leather finished with natural tint color and natural cream.
  • Fixed by screw steel fastener coated with nickel coupler. 
  • Safety catch strap for your camera. 
  • 100% Handcrafted with traditional hand tools.
  • Adjustable length ( Height between 150 cm - 200 cm ). 
  • 100% Eco cotton bag for protection.

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